Oslavia is the cradle of viticulture in the Collio, the most important wine area of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The history of our company starts from here, with the contract of purchase of the vineyard called “Meja” by Valentino Fiegl, dating back to 1782.

The goal of our work has always been, since the beginning, to express and to describe our territory through our wine.

When passing the company from fathers to sons we have always invested in wine culture, to enhance the quality of our products. Today the Winery is guided by two generations of Fiegls. The brothers Alessio, Giuseppe and Rinaldo strengthened their vocation by producing red and white wines which highlight the organoleptic features of the Collio soil, difficult to cultivate but rich in mineral salts. Following their passion they created wines which are unique, a veritable and trustworthy expression of the Oslavia terroir.


The younger generation – Martin, Robert and Matej Fiegl – after completing the studies in enology has brought enthusiasm, passion, and innovation, in both organization and quality, further enhancing the Fiegl grapes and wines along the various phases of the production.

The style of cultivation we choose for our vineyards guarantees the minimum environmental impact: the quantity does not exceed the vineyard’s natural capacity; inside the vineyard we opted for complete grassing and for eco-compatible products. The harvest, as well as most of the harvesting operations, is done by hand.

This way we guarantee our customers the high quality of our grapes, which will turn into a wine capable of enhancing the terroir and the cru of Oslavia, and which expresses the culture and the tradition of the Collio.

The total surface of our company is 30 hectares, with an average of 5.000 plants per hectare and 1-1.5 kg of grapes per plant. We produce 130,000 bottles a year, between red and white. We embrace the union of technology and tradition, and use advanced instruments which allow the wines to express the terroir. For this reason we use stainless steel tanks for the fermentation and then, later, for the maturation. For our Leopold line, maturation aging takes place in barriques and in tonneaux.

The deep culture of the territory is the secret of the Fiegl family: this is our winery.